The administration department is the central office for all the tasks involving the administrative, business management and technical coordination of the Institute’s work. Members of the specialist departments provide support for individual assignments. The administration department handles the following central tasks:

  • Workflow management
  • Accounting and finances
  • Administering outside funding
  • Personnel management
  • Legal issues
  • IT services/ EDP/ communications
  • Library and archives
  • Property management
  • Procuring and managing materials
  • Institute’s own workshop
  • Looking  after the vehicle fleet
  • Health and safety at work 

Standard accounting practices are supplemented by various controlling tools. They include the presentation of information in numerical form to prepare for decision-making processes for the Institute’s managers, checking and documenting the business development of projects in individual cases and of the Institute as a whole, and the annual and liquidity planning. As the IfB, which is a non-profit association, funds most of its research work with the help of grants from the public sector, managing funds in line with the laws covering grants is an important aspect of the administration department’s work.

The Institute’s own library provides the members of staff with specialist literature.

The workshop’s tasks therefore not only involve developing, constructing, installing, adapting and repairing experimental and analysis equipment, but also maintaining the Institute’s technical and structural infrastructure.